• Container Terminal Services
  • Motor freight transportation
  • Railroad freight activity
  • Air freight traffic
  • Marine freight traffic
  • Warehousing and logistics
  • Safety and insurance
Container Terminal Services


Characteristics of processed cargo:
  • Container.
  • Dangerous goods in containers (without inspection and storage) are 20 feet high.
  • General cargo.
  • Sawn timber
  • Pipes
  • Metal.
  • Other.

Our advantages:

  • Immediate proximity to the station building
  • Technological and high-speed cranes of the European manufacturer
  • Direct overload from the narrow to wide railway gauge line
  • No need for domestic carrier services 
  • Efficient work performance 
  • Minimum time for spotting/picking 
  • Qualified personnel

Cost of cargo handling at the Eurotransit terminal (hyperlink)

Warehouse services at the Eurotransit terminal (hyperlink)

Warehouse services (temporary storage warehouse) at the Eurotransit terminal (hyperlink)

Track cargo.