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August 22
Eurotransit-KTC LLP received the first shipment of Chery vehicles.

On August 20, 2022, the container terminal of Eurotransit-KTC LLP at Altynkol station received the first batch of Chery cars arriving from China to Kazakhstan. The number of cars was 261. 

Employees of LLP "Eurotransit-KTC", arrived Chery cars were safely reloaded and sent for further sale to dealerships "Chery".

I would like to note that the container terminal of "Eurotransit-KTS" LLP can simultaneously transship 30 cars from narrow-gauge railroad cars to wide-gauge cars.

The container terminal has state-of-the-art equipment, an international standard document flow has been introduced and synchronised, which will eliminate delays in transport from China to Kazakhstan and onwards to Central Asia and Europe.

August 17
Container terminal of Eurotransit -КТС LLP at st. Altynkol transshipped Premium class cars.

Eurotransit -КТС LLP container terminal at Altynkol station received a trial batch of Premium class vehicles that arrived from South Korea in transit via China and Kazakhstan towards Kyrgyzstan.  

The transshipment equipment of the terminal at Altynkol station allows to perform this service with high quality and in due time.

Thus, thanks to high professionalism and great experience of Eurotransit -КТС LLP employees the time for cargo works and acceptance (inspection) of vehicles was one hour.

Eurotransit -КТС LLP aims to further increase the volume of transshipment in order to improve its competitiveness among other transport and logistics companies.

August 15
Eurotransit Cargo LLP is developing a service for the transportation of oversized cargo

Eurotransit Cargo LLP continues to develop oversized and heavy cargo transportation service.

Eurotransit Cargo specialists organized transportation of Komatsu pipelayers, as well as spare parts and components along the route: from Zhetysu station (Almaty region) - Tobol station (Kostanay region)  Cargo weighing more than 30 tons.

Having extensive experience in organizing oversized and heavy cargo transportation by all modes of transport, "Eurotransit Cargo" LLP can offer non-standard logistic solutions for technologically complex projects and is constantly improving its competence in this field.

The company provides customers with a complete "turnkey" service - from designing transport and logistics schemes of delivery, developing and coordinating the route of transportation, making cargo securing schemes to installation and transportation of heavy and oversized cargo using all modes of transport.

August 11
Eurotransit Cargo LLP organized transportation of oversized cargo

Eurotransit Cargo LLP has successfully completed the transportation of 3 units of tracked vehicles in the Republican message.

Eurotransit Cargo LLP provided a full range of services: which included the development and coordination of loading schemes, transportation route, provision of specialized rolling stock, loading and unloading operations, control of all stages of transportation.

Eurotransit Cargo LLP, having considerable experience in organizing complex logistics projects for the transportation of oversized cargo, is ready to offer its customers profitable and fast solutions.


28 June 2022

Mitsubishi cars transshipped at the container terminal of Eurotransit - KTS LLP, Altynkol station

On June, 24th this year on the container terminal of "Eurotransit - KTS" LLP in Altynkol station the first party of "Mitsubishi L-200" cars that have arrived from Thailand to Kazakhstan through the territory of China has arrived.

Thanks to qualitatively fulfilled work on transshipment of cars with the client preliminary agreements have been reached to continue work in this direction with further growth of cargo flow.

The results of the test transhipment allowed the partner to win the tender for transportation of 312 more cars.

Today the container terminal of Eurotransit-KTS LLP can perform simultaneous transhipment of 30 cars from narrow gauge railroad cars to wide gauge railroad cars.

The length of narrow-gauge and broad-gauge tracks is 850 metres, as well as 3 tracks of 1435 mm gauge and 3 tracks of 1520 mm gauge.

One of the important criteria in selecting a transhipment terminal was the availability of high technological equipment, as well as the experience of the personnel in car transhipment.

LLP "Eurotransit - KTS" is engaged in transshipment of vehicles at the border of Kazakhstan and China, and the qualifications and experience of our specialists are the guarantor of the timing and safety of delivery.

  Eurotransit Cargo LLP offers regular container service to the Tashkent and Moscow hubs. 

Eurotransit Cargo LLP is one of the leaders in the container transportation market in the direction of Central Asia. By results of 5 months of 2022 the company has carried more than 11 000 TEU of cargo.

During 3 years the company forms and successfully sends container trains in the direction of the Tashkent and Moscow hubs through its own container terminals at Altynkol station (LLP "Eurotransit - KTS").

It is worth noting that the international container transportation market is directly dependent on the macroeconomic indicators of the global market, and in the current geopolitical environment we are seeing a record growth in the volume of transit container traffic to 1,066,000 TEU, an increase of 22% compared to 2021.

17 May 2022 Eurotransit took part in the VIII International Conference "HEAVY CASPIAN"

On May 11th, 2022, a conference was held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, dedicated to the issues of oversized and heavy cargo transportation in the Caspian Sea region and Central Asian countries.

Over 200 delegates from Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Turkey and UAE attended at this year's conference.

In speech, director of Eurotransit-KTC LLP S.N. Gordienko outlined the changes in the supply net, and possible cargo flow trajectories, and informed the conference participants of the availability of the terminal of Eurotransit-KTC LLP at Altynkol station to participate in the project cargo deliveries.

A number of meetings with current partners and potential customers were held as part of the event. 
Participation in the conference provided a unique opportunity to obtain practical information on the latest trends in the container transportation market, to listen to recommendations of experts, leading analysts, representatives of executive authorities.

28 April 2022 Successful partnership between Eurotransit and TOYOTA 

Summing up the results of the partnership between Eurotransit and automobile concern "TOYOTA" at the border of China and Kazakhstan for the year, it can be stated with certainty that the set tasks have been implemented in full. 

Thus, by results of 2021 container terminal of "Eurotransit - KTS" LLP at Altynkol station has accepted about 5 000 vehicles of "Lexus", "Toyota" brands from Japan by transit through China to Kazakhstan. 

At the same time, during the first quarter of 2022 alone, the container terminal of Eurotransit - KTS LLP received more than 1,500 vehicles. 

The choice of Eurotransit as a partner of the world-known automotive industry leader "TOYOTA" is the highest estimation and the evidence of the fact that Kazakhstan company meets the world standards of quality of provided transport-logistic services.

Eurotransit aims to provide a full range of logistics services for TOYOTA

25 April 2022 Indicators of the container terminal of Eurotransit-KTS LLP for the 1st quarter of 2022

Today, the container terminal of Eurotransit-KTS LLP is one of the largest on the border between Kazakhstan and China.

The total area is 15.74 ha, the capacity of the container yard is 5,200 TEU, and the annual throughput is 250,000 TEU/year.

It should be noted that the container terminal of Eurotransit-KTS LLP is equipped with modern equipment, international document flow has been introduced and synchronized here, which makes it possible to eliminate the delay of transport from China to Kazakhstan, as well as to the countries of Central Asia and Europe.

In 2021, a lot of work was done on arranging the infrastructure, manufacturing and acquiring ramps, equipping the cargo front platforms for reloading, which ensure the performance of work from different sides.

In addition, work has been carried out to modernize the provision of video surveillance at the car storage warehouse.
Online access is provided to customers when carrying out cargo work with cars.

So, in the first quarter of 2022, the terminal handled more than 41,000 TEU, which is 10.8% more than in the same period last year

15 March 2022  Eurotransit Cargo LLP transported more than 1 million tons of coal

Eurotransit Cargo LLP has transported more than 1,000,000 tonnes of coal since the beginning of the year, an increase of 13.4% compared to 2021.

2 March 2022             Eurotransit Cargo LLP organized equipment transportation for Asia FerroAlloys LLP

February, this year, Eurotransit Cargo LLP organized transportation of equipment for Kazakhstani enterprise located in Karaganda city, specializing in coke and metallurgy.

The shipment was made by road and rail using "Open - Top" containers.

Total amount of equipment consisted of 120 packages weighing more than 500 tons; loading and transportation on the route Urumqi - Khorgos - Altynkol - Karagandy was accomplished in 30 days. All special technical conditions were complied with during transportation, guaranteeing the safety of traffic and the safety of the transported cargo.

31 December 2021 On 31 December Eurotransit Cargo organised the delivery of equipment for a thermal power plant in the city of Aktobe.

Within the framework of this project Eurotransit Cargo organized delivery by truck of oversized cargo for TPP in Aktobe, as well as full customs clearance and filling of all necessary special permits along the route from Khorgos station (PRC) through Nur-Zholy BC to Aktobe city. The delivery of the equipment took 5 days.

In spite of holidays, for Eurotransit Cargo staff the delivery on time is always a priority.

13 December 2021 Eurotransit Cargo has transported more than 500,000 tons of liquefied petroleum gas since the start of the project.

The main goal of the company is to maintain and meet the high level of quality of the transport and logistics services provided.

3 December 2021 Eurotransit took part in the international conference "TransCont”  

One of the largest conferences in the field of container transportations "TransCont" took place on the 30th of November in Moscow.

More than 250 executives, top managers, experts and company owners from Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Germany, Azerbaijan, Poland, Latvia and Estonia took part in the conference.

During the event the Eurotransit management informed the conference organizers and participants about the main activities and future prospects of Eurotransit, as well as about the current situation at the China/Kazakhstan border crossings and freight traffic to the neighboring countries and its development prospects.

The event included a series of meetings with existing and potential customers and partners.  
Participation in the conference provides a unique opportunity to obtain practical information on the latest trends in the container transportation market, listen to recommendations of experts, leading analysts and representatives of executive authorities.

16 November  2021  Eurotransit Cargo specialists have successfully defended and received international FIATA diplomas (Geneva, Switzerland) 

Eurotransit Cargo continuously invests in the development of its staff, encourages the pursuit of leadership and the acquisition of new skills, and actively promotes career development and takes care to raise the level of international standards of service.

Upgrading competencies, striving for continuous self-education - in today's rapidly changing reality it is not only an urgent daily necessity, but also an indicator of trendiness and a guarantee of success. Eurotransit Cargo's specialists are relentless in their pursuit of this principle. 

Within the framework of the continuing education plan, the employees of the company, between the 6th of June and 28th of August, took the online course "Transport Logistics and International Freight Forwarding". Upon completion of which, employees have received diplomas and certificates international standard FIATA (Geneva, Switzerland) 

These FIATA-certified staff members are authorised to use FIATA documents and forms, which are widely used in international freight forwarding practice.

Thus, the three-month course included lectures on the transport and logistics industry and new logistics solutions, as well as modules on determining the optimal loading option for non-standard and oversized cargo in road and rail transport. 

Modern technology requires constant updating and upgrading of  skills and competencies of the company's personnel. In addition to the basic knowledge gained at university, you need to work on yourself, look for weaknesses and strive to develop them.

15 November  2021  Eurotransit ordered two Konecranes Rail-Mounted Gantry (RMG) cranes for Dostyk intermodal container terminal

Eurotransit has started the construction of an intermodal rail terminal at Dostyk in 2021.

Dostyk is a key link in ensuring international traffic between Europe and Asia.

According to last year's results, railway employees at the border stations set a record for the average daily exchange of goods trains. Through Dostyk - Alashankou border crossing 18 trains instead of 16 are sent per day, through Altynkol - Khorgos border crossing - 8 trains instead of 5.
I would like to share the good news - Eurotransit has ordered two Konecranes Rail-Mounted Gantry (RMG) cranes for its new container terminal at Dostyk.

According to Eurotransit's director, "RMG Konecranes is central to our ambitious growth plans. We have very high environmental requirements - we often have to deal with strong winds and very low temperatures. We also had very high demands on container handling performance and reliability. Konecranes convinced us of the reliability of its technology and service support."

The KONECRANES RMGs ordered have a 32m rail span and will serve 6 rail tracks, lifting 1-over-2 containers. They will be equipped with an intuitive graphical interface, with additional visibility provided by video cameras on the spreaders and under the bogie. 

They will also be equipped with Konecranes DGPS tilt management system and intelligent automatic positioning and TOS automatic reporting functions.

An important focus on customer focus and commitment to business growth and continuous improvement make Eurotransit one of the leaders in transport and logistics services in the CIS and Central Asia

09 November 2021 Eurotransit Cargo delivered an oversized cargo. 

Eurotransit Cargo LLP's specialists organised the transportation of oversized cargo, which included a gas separator as well as an oil and gas separator with drainage, from Penza (Russia) to the Kul-Bas field in the Aktobe region. The total length of the journey was 1,600 km. The delivery time was 2 days. 

Loading of equipment weighing about 70 tons was carried out in compliance with special technical conditions guaranteeing safety of movement and safety of transported cargo.
Eurotransit Cargo LLP is actively developing its project cargo transportation service. 

This direction is one of the key activities of the company. The availability of a specialised rolling stock allows us to provide our customers with a comprehensive service in developing and implementing individual transport solutions for the carriage of non-standard cargo.

The company's specialists are ready to undertake both the implementation of individual stages of the project and to provide a comprehensive service, including the design of transport and logistics schemes, production and approval of load securing drawings, as well as the assembly and transportation of equipment, structures and other products itself.

08 November 2021   Eurotransit Cargo" at the 17th International Exhibition "Transport and Logistics - TransLogistica Uzbekistan 2021"

During the period from the 3rd to the 5th of  November  Eurotransit Cargo LLP took part in the international specialized exhibition TransLogistica Uzbekistan 2021 (Tashkent), which united at one place more than 200 companies representing freight forwarding services by road, rail, water and air transport, as well as services of forwarding, cargo handling in terminals, etc.

For the first time this year the company's exposition was presented at the joint stand with partner company ORIENT LOGISTIK.

The business programme included business negotiations with the first managers of the companies Turksib Magistral, Integrated Service Solutions, Rhenus logistics and Eriell regarding road and rail transportations via the container terminal Eurotransit-KTS and PP Nur-Zholy.
In addition, business negotiations with M. Zhuman, President of the Atasu group, on bilateral cooperation in the development of transport and logistics services took place within the framework of the exhibition.

September 21, 2021 Chairman of the Board of JSC "Samruk-Kazyna" Satkaliev AM and Sauranbayev NS, Chairman of the Board of JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Temir Zholy ", visited the container terminal" Eurotransit-KTS "on the Altynkol station. 

Chairman of the Board of JSC "Samruk-Kazyna" in the company of the Chairman of the Board of JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Temir Zholy " during a working trip to Altynkol, were acquainted with the activity of the container terminal LLP "Eurotransit-KTS".

The management of GC "Eurotransit" informed the head of the Foundation and the Chairman of the Board of JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Temir Zholy ", as well as high-ranking guests with the infrastructure of the container terminal LLP" Eurotransit-KTS ", with the prospect of further expansion.

At the same time, in the center of attention were also the issues of technological interaction of the participants of the transportation process - Altynkol station and Eurotransit KTS LLP terminal.
Thus, the management of Eurotransit KTS LLP voiced questions on the development of Art. Altynkol, namely: the construction of a sorting slide, the construction of the second branch of Altykol-Zhetygen, as well as the improvement of the management model of the fleet.

The Fund's management noted the high level of security of the terminal, as well as the work carried out to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the transport infrastructure of the country.

September 13, 2021 EUROTRANSIT plays golf!

On September 5, 2021, the EUROTRANSIT ALMATY CUP 2021 golf tournament was held at the Zhailau golf club in Almaty. 72 players took part in the tournament.

The elite game of golf every year attracts the attention of an increasing number of people, including not only respectable businessmen, but also young people. Golf is not only an interesting and progressive form of leisure, but also a smart sport that requires a serious analytical approach, the ability to think strategically and act tactically.

The EUROTRANSIT ALMATY CUP 2021 tournament was held on an 18-hole course in team scramble format and individual stableford format in three handicap groups.

A Mitsubishi L200 car was drawn as a special prize in the Hole-in-one nomination (hitting the hole with one hit). Also, the well-known Korean cosmetic company "Gemma Kazakhstan" acted as a partner of the tournament with memorable prizes for the participants of the tournament.

The guest of honor of the tournament was the President of the Golf Federation of Kazakhstan N.A. Abykaev.

For EUROTRANSIT, this was not the first experience in holding a golf tournament. Earlier the company organized the EUROTRANSIT CUP tournament in the Burabay golf club (Schuchinsk).

The EUROTRANSIT company plans to hold golf tournaments among amateurs annually.

September 13, 2021 LLP "Eurotransit - KTS" develops and improves one of the segments of its service "Automotive logistics".

In August of this year. the company LLP "Eurotransit - KTS" has carried out the modernization of the coating of a special site for the placement of cars at the terminal of LLP "Eurotransit - KTS" st. Altynkol.

This event was implemented as part of the development and improvement of the "Automotive logistics" service, which made it possible to reduce the process of rendering services of a full range of loading and unloading operations by 2 times.

So, following the results of 7 months of 2021, the container terminal of Eurotransit - KTS LLP at st. Altynkol accepted more than 2,500 Toyota and Lexus vehicles from Japan through China to Kazakhstan in transit to the countries of Central Asia and Europe.

As noted by auto dealers, in 2021, sales in the Kazakhstan car market are growing. Since the beginning of the year, residents of the republic have become owners of 62.2 thousand new cars, which is 59% more than in January - July last 2020. And of course, one of the most popular and loved by the people cars is Toyota.

22 july,
Eurotransit Cargo LLP carried out the transportation of Golf cars from China to Kazakhstan by road.

In July, Eurotransit Cargo LLP carried out the transportation of Golf cars from the Guangdong province of Dongguan (PRC) - Shchuchinsk (RK) through the Khorgos border crossing and the Nur-Zholy APP, in the amount of 13 pcs. The length of the route was 7,000 km, the transportation time was 21 days.

LLP "Eurotransit Cargo" provided a full range of transport and logistics services: picking up cargo from the manufacturer's plant, packaging, insurance, loading / unloading operations, customs clearance, acceptance and safekeeping of equipment at the terminal, development and approval of loading schemes, preparation of the necessary documentation, payment of tariffs and charges, providing information on the movement of goods, as well as monitoring transportation along the entire route.

The complex service that Eurotransit Cargo LLP offers to its clients allows to reduce the customer's costs in the framework of the transportation of oversized and heavy cargo, and the competence and experience of our specialists are the guarantor of the time and safety of delivery.

7 july,
By developing the "Automotive logistics" service, we are improving the environment: Tesla cars were overloaded at the container terminal of "Eurotransit - KTS" LLP at Altynkol station

On the 29 of June this year at the container terminal of LLP "Eurotransit - KTS" at Altynkol station, the first batch of Tesla electric vehicles has arrived.
Within the framework of this project, Eurotransit - KTS LLP provided a full range of services for ACC Logistics and Trade, including a special device for safe, delicate unloading.

One of the important criteria for choosing a transshipment container terminal was the availability of high technological equipment, as well as the experience of personnel in reloading electric vehicles.
Thanks to the well-coordinated work of the employees of Eurotransit - KTS LLP, all unloading operations were carried out within one day.
LLP "Eurotransit - KTS" plans to further develop one of the segments of its service "Automotive logistics".

June 29, 2021 A gas turbine unit (GTU) manufactured by SIEMENS was delivered and installed on the foundation of a CHPP under construction in the city of Aktobe.

June 24, 2021 was a important point  in the development of TOO “Eurotransit Cargo”.
Our company has successfully completed more large-scale projects, but the geography of transportation Sweden - Aktobe, using a river-sea vessel and a route along the inland waterways of the Russian Federation, has become a real novelty for us.

In March - June, the company's specialists together with their partners safely and on time delivered a set of gas turbine units from the SIEMENS plant in Sweden to the construction site of Aktobe CHP.
It took several months to prepare for obtaining a classification decision in the Department of State Revenue of the Republic of Kazakhstan - professionals know how important it is to prepare the entire package of documents in advance, check each code, invoice, packing list.

Finally, on June 24, the Turbine and Generator were installed on the foundation (which, by the way, is itself an example of engineering and construction art).
Delivery of the entire set of GTU equipment, installation of a gas turbine and a generator on the foundation is just the beginning of a large and painstaking work.
The specialists of Aktobe CHPP will have to install equipment for a long time, fine-tune the work of the gas turbine plant.

Awareness of involvement in important state projects - in our case, gasification of the region's energy sector, creation of additional power generation capacities for the needs of industry and civilians - is a significant part of the motivation for working with project transportation. 
June 24, 2021 LLP "Eurotransit Cargo" carries out the transportation of a buffer tank for JSC "Aktobe CHP".  

The company "Eurotransit Cargo" LLP has successfully implemented a project for the transportation of a buffer tank for JSC "Aktobe CHP" by road.

The oversized cargo was sent from Penza (Russian Federation) to Aktobe (Republic of Kazakhstan). The length of the route was 1,100 km, the transportation time was 3 days.

For this transportation, Eurotransit Cargo LLP used platform trucks.

LLP "Eurotransit Cargo" offers a comprehensive service for the development and implementation of non-standard logistics solutions for technologically complex projects.
 We provide our clients with a full-fledged turnkey service - from the design of transport and logistics delivery schemes, the production of drawings and cargo securing schemes to the installation and transportation of heavy and oversized cargo using all types of transport.

Choosing us, the client gets:
 1.Trucks for any cargo day in and day out;
 2.Personal manager who oversees all stages of transportation;
 3.Fence of equipment even from the most remote warehouse of the sender;
 4.Cargo insurance;
 5.Carrying out loading and unloading operations;
 6.Provision of video and photo files at the request of the client;
 7.Tracking 24/7.
June 14, 2021 Strategic transportation for the first integrated gas chemical complex in Kazakhstan for the production of polypropylene

As part of the development of infrastructure and gasification of the country, Eurotransit Cargo LLP carried out another strategically important transportation for the construction of the first Integrated Gas Chemical Complex for the production of polypropylene in Kazakhstan, with a capacity of 500 thousand tons per year.

The project is being implemented by Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries (KPI) LLP, the total investment is $ 2.6 billion. Commissioning is scheduled for March 2022. The enterprise will create over 630 permanent jobs.

LLP "Eurotransit Cargo" carried out 2 complex transportation of 209 pieces of compressor equipment sets, with a total weight of 231 tons. The length of the route was 3,000 km, from the station. Khorgos (China) to the Atyrau town, Atyrau region, Karabatan.

 During the implementation of the project, the company provided a range of services:

Services at the Altynkol station (delivery and cleaning of narrow gauge wagons);
 Services at the Nur-Zholy customs post (delivery of a trailer for temporary storage warehouse China - export of a trailer from the Chinese side to the territory of Kazakhstan);
Loading of cargo packages according to the railway - Altynkol warehouse - motor transport "and according to the scheme of warehouse of temporary storage warehouse" Nur-Zholy "- motor transport;
Provision of fastening materials and cargo securing services;
Automobile transportation from the warehouse Altynkol, "Nur-Zholy" to the temporary storage warehouse of the importer  in Atyrau;
Customs clearance;
Cargo insurance.
The time of two transportations from the station. Khorgos (China) to the manufacturing plant, it took 16 days

The shippers expressed their gratitude to Eurotransit Cargo LLP and especially noted as the advantages of this service - the efficiency, safety of transportation and the high professionalism of the company's employees, shown from the planning stage to the final delivery of the cargo.

Shortening of terms and safety of cargo is the most important priority of Eurotransit Cargo LLP.


June 11, 2021 He head of government launched the construction of a gas processing plant - a complex gas treatment unit - at the Kashagan field.

As part of a working trip to the Atyrau region, Prime Minister Askar Mamin launched the construction of a gas processing plant - a complex gas treatment unit - at the Kashagan field (Kashagan GPP). A symbolic time capsule was laid at the construction site.

The processing capacity of the enterprise will be up to 1 billion cubic meters. m of raw sour gas per year, from which 815 million cubic meters will be produced. m of commercial and 119 thousand tons of liquefied gas, 212 thousand tons of sulfur and 35 thousand tons of gas condensate. Commissioning is scheduled for Q4 2023.
A contract was signed with Eurotransit Cargo LLP for the provision of complex transport and logistics services (industrial logistics) to a new enterprise.

This contract includes three stages:
     Supply chain management of building materials for the construction of an industrial railway. station (Iskene junction station), the road and the enterprise itself
     Delivery of complete equipment of the enterprise from China, Russia, Europe
     In the future, after the launch of the gas processing plant - ensuring the export of the entire range of finished products of the enterprise

The project will give impetus to the development of the country's gas processing industry, will increase the level of oil production at Kashagan to 450 thousand barrels per day, expand the resource base for further gasification of the country and improve the environmental friendliness of oil and gas production. During the construction period, up to 2500 temporary jobs will be created here, and during the operation period - 600 permanent jobs.

June 7, 2021 Representatives of the Hungarian company "East-West Gate" visited the "Eurotransit-KTS" container terminal at the Altynkol station and the Nur-Zholy international automobile checkpoint.

Within the framework of strategic cooperation in the field of logistics "Eurotransit" and the Hungarian company "East-West Gate" on June 1 this year. a study trip of foreign colleagues to the container terminal of Eurotransit-KTS LLP and the Nur-Zholy international checkpoint took place.
Particular attention was paid to the modern equipment of the container terminal "Eurotransit-KTS" LLP. The Hungarian colleagues highly appreciated the professionalism of the terminal staff and their extensive experience in reloading and transporting cars in wagons.
During the meeting, the parties discussed the prospects for closer cooperation in the organization of transit traffic and considered the possibilities of developing joint logistics supply chains and services on the routes between China and Europe.
The General Director of East-West Gate, Mr. Janos Talosi, highly appreciated the resource provision of the container terminal of Eurotransit-KTS LLP, focusing on the political and economic role of the terminal and, in general, Eurotransit in Central Asia

For the 1st quarter of 2021, the volume of transshipment at the container terminal of Eurotransit-KTS LLP amounted to 37,081 TEU, which is 71% more than in the same period (in 2020).

May 20, 2021 End-to-end service for goods through Khorgos - Altynkol opens in Kazakhstan

Eurotransit Cargo and Istkomtrans announce the launch of an end-to-end intermodal cross-border service for goods travelling from Southeast Asia through the Khorgos-Altynkol border crossing to Almaty. The companies join forces in the transport product.

Eurotransit Cargo is organizing a complex of transport and logistics services for transshipment of containers at the Altynkol station of the Eurotransit TLC.

The company "Eastcomtrans" plays the role of a single railway operator providing its own fitting platforms and accompanying the transportation of goods along the entire route by rail.

Viktor Ivanov, Deputy General Director of Commerce and Development of Eastcomtrans, notes that the merger of such large players is an important indicator of progress in the development of containerized rail transport corridors.

May 4, 2021 International transit: Kazakh-Hungarian cooperation

A major participant in freight transport between Asia and Europe - Kazakhstan company Eurotransit and owner of intermodal terminal East-West Gate (EWG) in Hungary announced strategic cooperation. The agreement was signed during TransRussia-2021 – an International Exhibition of Transport and Logistics Services in Moscow.

Eurotransit is a diversified transport and logistics company. The portfolio of services includes: integrated container service (China, Central Asian states, Afghanistan, Iran, Russia, EU) using the capacities of its own container terminal at Altynkol station; republican and international road transportation of goods; provision of integrated transport and logistics services for gas processing enterprises; organization of transportation of complete equipment, including heavy weights and oversized.
In 2021 the company started construction of an intermodal railway terminal on Dostyk station.
In turn, the EWG terminal, which will become the largest onshore terminal in Europe, will offer a new solution for container transport from Asia to Europe and for European exports to Asia at the junction of wide and narrow gauge. Its expected capacity is 1 million TEU per year.

The new terminal will be another alternative to the Brest (Belarus) to Malashevich (Poland), where there is now a severe infrastructure constraint on the future growth of trans-Eurasian transit.

Today, 88 per cent of transit through the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan takes the route China - Europe - China. In 2020, railway workers at border stations set a record for the average daily exchange of freight trains. Through the Dostyk-Alashankou border crossing, 18 trains were transferred per day instead of 16, through the Altynkol-Khorgos border crossing - 8 trains per day instead of 5. At the same time, Dostyk station is a key link in providing international traffic between Europe and Asia.
At the ceremony of signing a strategic partnership agreement, the CEO of Eurotransit Yerlan Dikhanbayev noted that the beginning of cooperation between the two companies already at the stage of construction of terminals (in Dostyk on the Kazakh-Chinese border and in Feneshlitka on the Hungarian-Ukrainian border) will allow to debug such a level of commercial and technological interaction that will allow us to provide customers with high quality services. The operation of the terminals is planned to start already in 2022, - noted Yerlan Dikhanbayev.
In his turn, in announcing the agreement, the Hungarian Ambassador to Moscow, Norbert Konko, stressed that Hungary was striving to take a leading position among key players in international rail transport.
According to EWG CEO Janos Taloshi, the new terminals aroused great interest, and negotiations with several Russian and European logistics operators, as well as with Russian Railways, were held at the exhibition to reserve terminal capacities. After all, the EWG, which is being built at the junction of the Russian broad and European narrow gauge, opens up a new opportunity for high-capacity export traffic to Asia from Western Europe.
It is safe to assume that the alliance has a great future, as the demand for fast and reliable rail transport is growing in trade between Asia and Europe. At the same time, a big obstacle to the growth of freight traffic between the two continents is that the Polish and Belarusian terminals are already operating at maximum load.

In general, in 2020, despite the pandemic, the volume of containerized cargo transported by China-Europe in transit through Kazakhstan amounted to 517.5 thousand TEUs, which is 65% more than in 2019. The volume of freight traffic between Kazakhstan and Russia in 2020 exceeded 85.6 million tons. For the first quarter of this year container traffic between the two countries increased by 57% compared to the same period in 2020.
It should be noted that transit through Kazakhstan has a number of advantages. Among these, it is obvious that the transit time between the producer and the consumer from Asia to Europe is much smaller than by sea. And today the country's task is to maintain and expand the share of transit routes through service, creating strategic alliances with Russian, Chinese and European partners. Therefore, the new strategic partnership is a timely and responsible step in this direction.












April 28, 2021 Dear clients and partners of Eurоtransit LLP !!!

We are glad to inform you about the reduction of the complex rate for the transportation of single containers along the route Altynkol (exp.) - Almaty hub

Taking into account the growth trend and meeting the needs of customers in the timely delivery of goods, we offer complex rates for container shipments in the direction of Altynkol (exp.) - Almaty hub
Tariff conditions are valid from the 1 of April  of the current year.

We invite partners and forwarding companies to participate in the implementation of this service together with us!

April 24, 2021 The container terminal "Eurotransit -KTS" was visited by the Chairman of the Board of JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Temir Zholy "Sauranbayev N. S.

On the 23 of April, 2021 Chairman of the Board of JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Temir Zholy "within the framework of a working trip to st. Altynkol, got acquainted with the activities of the container terminal of Eurotransit-KTS LLP.

In particular, special attention was paid to the modern equipment of the container terminal of "Eurotransit-KTS" LLP, as well as the professionalism of the terminal staff and extensive experience in reloading and transporting cars in wagons was highly appreciated.

Also today the terminal infrastructure allows to process more than 250,000 TEU per year, as well as a container yard for 5,120 containers. In addition, to increase the throughput to 500 000 TEU, it is planned to install 2 additional cranes.

During the meeting, the focus was also on the issues of technological interaction between the participants of the transportation process - the Altynkol station and the Eurotransit KTS terminal, the prospects for increasing the station's capacity in order to maximize the use of the terminal's transshipment capacity.

In 2020, despite the pandemic, the volume of transshipment at the container terminal of Eurotransit-KTS LLP amounted to 131,200 TEU, which is 40.8% more than in 2019.

April 06, 2021 The main resource of the company is the qualified personnel. This year, Eurotransit Cargo has planned a number of seminars and refresher courses in the direction of professional and personal growth of employees.
On 3,4 of April the staff of Eurotransit Cargo LLP took part in the training with the topic “Skills of effective negotiations. Business Letter ”organized by the PwC Academy.
The training took place in an informal atmosphere, which allowed developing and improving the skills of negotiations with partners and clients, as well as mastering the intricacies of the technique of writing business letters.


March 04 , 2021 LLP "Eurotransit Cargo" develops a service for the transportation of oversized cargo by road

In February, Eurotransit Cargo LLP carried out the 2nd shipment of a high pressure reciprocating compressor for the Kozhasai gas processing plant.
The route was laid from the Nur-Zholy road pass to the Kozhasai field in the Aktobe region.
As a result of 2 shipments, Eurotransit Cargo LLP transported 268 tons of oversized and heavy cargo with a total route length of about 6,000 km.
In view of the celebration of the "Chinese New Year" in the Celestial Empire, it was important to speed up the process of cargo passage across the border in February. Despite the complexity of the harsh climatic conditions: storm, hunger, humidity and snowfalls, the closure of highways and the complexity of the technology for transferring cargo across the PRC-RK border, the company successfully carried out these transportation.
 The professionalism and high level of qualifications of the company's employees was highly appreciated by the Customer: “One of the conditions for a successful business is interaction with a reliable partner, who, thanks to their professionalism and striving for the highest results, and despite all the difficulties, solve problems and achieve their goals.  We say thank you for the efficiency and well-coordinated work of the Eurotransit Cargo team."

February 23 , 2021 Eurotransit became a partner of the automobile concern "TOYOTA" on the border of China and Kazakhstan

February 14 container terminal of Eurotransit - KTS LLP on st. Altynkol received the first  Lexus cars 220, as well as Toyota Land Cruiser 200 and Toyota Land Cruiser Prado from Japan in transit through China to Kazakhstan.
The new logistics solution allows  the delivery of transit cargo through China in 35 days. It should be noted that earlier TOYOTA cars were delivered to Kazakhstan by sea through the port of St. Petersburg with the longest road transport, which took up to 80 days.
For "Eurotransit" indication of the full loading and unloading complex at the container terminal on Altynkol st. in partnership with the largest Japanese automobile corporation "TOYOTA" is a new stage in the development of the company.
For this Eurotransit project, the infrastructure work has been completed on time, namely: the ramps for the equipment of the cargo front have been developed and purchased.
Besides, the employees of Eurotransit-KTS LLP successfully passed the training on acceptance and evaluation of the damage to the customer's enterprise, which allows to carry out loading and unloading operations according to all world quality standards.

 February 19, 2021 LLP "Eurotransit Cargo" has successfully delivered component equipment for the gas processing plant "Kozhasay - 3"

     First, what is the Kozhasai gas processing plant: In 2018, during the traditional teleconference with the participation of the Head of State, the modern gas processing complex Kozhasai was put into operation. The capacity of the Kozhasai plant is capable of producing 226 million cubic meters of commercial gas, 37 thousand tons of propane-butane mixture, 5.4 thousand tons of gas condensate and 10.5 thousand tons of sulfur per year.
The Kozhasay plant is equipped with the latest technologies that meet the most modern requirements.
      As part of the delivery of Eurotransit Cargo LLP, an individual transport solution has been developed for the transportation of gas equipment from the Nur Zholy PP in the Almaty region to the Kozhasai gas processing plant in the Aktyuinsk region. The distance of 2,900 km was covered in 5 days. The total weight of the cargo was 149 tons.
     During the preparation and implementation of the project, the company's specialists faced the following challenges:
1. The quarantine restrictions caused the later than usuallu foreseen production and delivery of the equipment to the forwarder. This significantly reduced the time for preparation for transportation - placement and fastening schemes, obtaining a classification solution, coordinating with the supplier of invoices, packed sheets, etc.
2. The speed of crossing the border - again quarantine measures. The sophisticated technology of transferring cargo across the border, the minimum number of cars passed by the Chinese side, have almost tripled the traditional transit time.
3. And - as without it - the traditional harsh, and this year also unpredictable Kazakhstan’s winter. On the way from the border to the factory, the cars with the cargo seemed to have passed all the tests - ice, fog, threw, closed roads.
      Transport and logistics technologies of Eurotransit Cargo LLP allow us to provide clients with a full range of services for the development and implementation of non-standard logistics solutions for technologically complex projects - from the design of transport and logistics delivery and fastening schemes to installation and transportation of heavy and oversized cargo using all types of transport.
The company has gained serious experience in the transportation of various oversized and metallurgical, oil and gas, power equipment, machine tools and much more.

January 29, 2021 At the end of 2020 Eurotransit Cargo LLP signed major contracts with Chinese platforms for the dispatch of container trains through the Altynkol station
October 9,2020 First participation in the Oil Refining and Petrochemicals Congress
PRC: Russia & CIS 2020

Eurotransit, together with representatives of ORIENT, took part in the annual two-days Congress on oil refining and petrochemicals PRC: Russia & CIS 2020, which was held on the 12-13 October,2020 in the historical park "Russia - My History" in Saint-Petersburg.
More than 200 companies from all over the world took part in the Congress: Kanzler Verfahrenstechnik GmbH, Layher, Prosoft-Systems, Amber Labs, Allira Industries, Proton, Technoprom Engineering and many others. The general partner of the Congress was Gazprom Neft.
The Congress was held in a closed format, which allowed heads of companies, top managers, technical directors, chief engineers and heads of sales departments to discuss the latest developments of enterprises and their application in the oil refining and petrochemical industries; new approaches to improving operational efficiency in the production and operation of hazardous production facilities, as well as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global economy. 

October 23, 2020 Transportation of medical buses to Kostanay

Within the framework of the State program of the Republic of Kazakhstan to improve the technical equipment of the national health system, 60 medical buses equipped with high-tech diagnostic equipment were supplied.

YUTONG buses crossed practically all of mainland China from Henan province to Khorgos and were reloaded from narrow gauge wagons to 1520 mm gauge wagons at the terminal of Eurotransit KTS at Altynkol station and delivered to Kostanay station.
To reduce the oversize and the cost of freight charges,  scheme for buses on the platform was developed: the wheels were dismantled, the buses themselves were fixed on specially made supports.

To prevent damage to the bus hulls, to protect the windows, the cars were completely sheathed with a special material.
The handling of any cargo at all times requires maximum attention and professionalism.  But during a pandemic, medical supplies - from masks to high-tech diagnostic equipment - remain the subject of special professional attention, civil and social responsibility of the employees of Eurotransit LLP.


September 1, 2020 Gasification of regions - accomplishing the decree of the President.

Infrastructure development and gasification of all country regions are one of priority tasks voiced by the President of the Republic in his message to the people of Kazakhstan dated September 2, 2019.

Eurotransit Cargo LLP carried out the transportation of a polyethylene pipe from the manufacturing plant located in the village of Ungurtas (Almaty region) to the village of Otegen (Zhambyl region).

In total, 72 trips were carried out, the total vehicle mileage was 24,048 km. 1,500 units of pipes with a total weight of 1,224,000 kg were delivered on time to the gas pipeline laying site.

The significancy of the project is that the pipe was delivered directly to the gas pipeline construction sites, considering plant's production schedule and construction work.

Along with the traditional standards of the company: “Sparingly, safe, on time”, Eurotransit Cargo LLP’s specialists complied all sanitary and epidemiological requirements under quarantine conditions. As this has already become a reality of our time.

Eurotransit Cargo LLP contribution to the implementation of an important national gasification project in numbers:
• Gasification of 5,000 households
• 300 objects of the social sphere and entrepreneurship.
• 50 thousand citizens of the Republic have the opportunity to improve the quality of their lives. 

July 30, 2020  Eurotransit-KTS has successfully completed the transshipment of 588 Ankai buses from the PRC to the Kostanay region. In addition, 24 gondola cars of components and spare parts was overloaded. Buses were sent to the Kostanai region.

May 26, 2020  Quarantine because of the coronavirus pandemic turned out to be a serious stress test for transport and logistics systems in general, and players in the transport and logistics market (freight forwarders, railway rolling stock operators, carriers) in particular.
Reliable logistics in ensuring food, pharmaceutical, energy security during this period plays a pivotal role in how our society, calmly and with dignity, meets the challenges of the period of forced quarantine.
At the end of 2019, «Eurotransit Cargo» LLP, in the face of serious competition, won a tender for the transport and logistics of supplying steam coal from Ekibastuz 2 station at the Karaganda railway station unit for providing Thermal power station-1 and Thermal power station-3
The round-the-clock control of ensuring the normative turnover of wagons, compliance with loading and unloading standards, and dispatching under quarantine conditions required the employees of «Eurotransit Cargo» LLP maximum attention and non-standard management decisions.
The main assessment: for the period from the 1st of April, energy supplies to consumers are carried out exactly on schedule.
By this example, you understand that the opportunity to work for the good of society, to contribute to the provision of heat and electricity to citizens of the Republic (in our case, the residents of Karaganda), the quality of fulfilling their obligations - this is perhaps what makes the work in the field of logistics so attractive.
The total volume of thermal power station -1 and thermal power station -3 for April-May amounted to: 610 260 tons.
For information: Karaganda Energy Center LLP is the only centralized supplier of thermal energy, as well as the largest electricity supplier in the city of Karaganda. The company strives to fully satisfy the growing energy demand of the population and enterprises of the city.
The structure of the Company includes 2 cogeneration plants:

Karaganda thermal power station-1 Karaganda thermal power sta3tion-
Station of local importance.
It was commissioned since 1960.
Electric power:
- installed 32 MW.
- Available 24 MW.
Thermal power:
- installed 460 Gcal / hour.
- disposable 234.5 Gcal / hour.
Number of staff 323
Station of regional importance.
It has been commissioned since 1977.
Electric power:
- installed 670 MV
- available 495 MW
Thermal power:
- installed 1429 Gcal / hour.
- disposable 1052 Gcal / hour.
Number of staff 906


May 1, 2020

Our contribution to the ecology of the region.
Despite the situation in connection with the spread of coronavirus in the country and the world, Eurotransit continues to provide customers with high-quality transport and logistics services for the processing of high-tech cargo at its own border terminal at Alynkol station.
April 29 at the terminal of Eurotransit-KTS LLP at st. Altynkol from China arrived the first batch of electric vehicles ES8 brand "NEO". We hope that the consumer will appreciate the high-tech car and the growth of their fleet in the Central Asian region will contribute to improving the environmental situation.
Due to the complicated work of the employees of Eurotransit-KTS LLP, all loading and unloading operations were carried out within one day in compliance with all sanitary and epidemiological requirements. Electric cars sent to the final recipient.
In 2019, Eurotransit began to actively develop the «Automotive logistics» business line for the entire product line, from spare parts to components and finished cars.



April 16, 2020

Safety - for cargo, safety - for employees: delicate reloading of cars at the terminal of Eurotransit - KTS LLP st. Altinkol
It’s always nice to share good news about the professional successes of the company. In our time - it is a hundred times stronger.
On April 14, 2020, employees of the terminal of Eurotransit-KTS LLP at Altynkol station unloaded 216 Chevrolet Equinox vehicles. Cars arrived in narrow-gauge bunk cars from the People's Republic of China.

Unloading was carried out using a special ramp. This is not the first experience with cars for our terminal. Therefore, despite the inclement weather and strict sanitary and epidemiological safety requirements, all the cars were safely stored in the warehouse, inspected and prepared for loading into wide gauge wagons. Their further purpose is Uzbekistan.

Having carefully worked out the cargo, terminal employees not only once again demonstrated high professionalism, but also high social responsibility, following all the requirements of sanitary and epidemiological safety.
And, last but not least, this is the first batch of a major annual contract.
On April 15, cars were loaded onto broad gauge wagons and sent to the recipient


February 18, 2020

Eurotransit delivered cargo from the USA to Kazakhstan
At the end of 2019, Eurotransit successfully carried out multimodal transportation of sets of compressor stations manufactured by SOLAR Turbines USA along the USA route (San Diego) Kazakhstan (Almaty, Shymkent) with a length of 20,000 km in 20 days.
For the organization of delivery cargo aircraft AN-124 and Boing - 747 were involved. For loading and unloading operations at the airport in Shymkent, an XCMG QY100K crane with a lifting capacity of 100 tons was used.
During the transportation of goods from airports to their destination, 33 units of motor vehicles were involved, including tractors, tents and low loaders trailers for oversized places.



January 19, 2020 A business meeting of Eurotransit executives with representatives of the XIAN CONTINENTAL BRIDGE INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS transport and logistics company (Xi'an, Shaanxi province) was held at the head office of Eurotransit. During the negotiations, the parties summed up the cooperation in 2019 and discussed plans for transporting goods by 2020, as well as prospects for the development of project logistics, container services and air transportation in the direction from / to China to the countries of Central Asia , Europe and the CIS countries. It is worth noting that the partners of Eurotransit noted the positive dynamics of the growth of traffic through the territory of Kazakhstan in comparison with alternative routes. Parties forecast further positive dynamics and growth in transit traffic in 2020.


May 17, 2019

The management of EUROTRANSIT Group held a working meeting with the mayor of the port of Lianyungang. The agenda includes mutually beneficial strategic cooperation, plans for the development of international transport

April 15-17, 2019

Eurotransit took part in the International Transport Exhibition, which was held April 15-17, 2019 in Moscow, Crocus Expo IEC


March 23, 2019

Prime Minister Askar Mamin visited the Nur-Zholy checkpoint. The capacity of the item is 2,500 cars per day in both directions of the neighboring states. The operation printers of the complex are based on advanced digital technologies. Since the beginning of its launch, the volume of customs duty alone amounted to 7 billion tenge



March 5, 2019 Kunio Mikuriya, Secretary General of the World Customs Organization, visiting the Nur Zholy checkpoint and the Eurotransit Terminal transport and logistics center (Almaty), praised the operational work: -This checkpoint can be called the best example of practice and experience for organization of control through the state border, taking into account the latest innovations that the checkpoint is equipped with.


December 2018

December 2018 The volume of transportation of inert materials “Eurotransit Cargo” for 2018 across the territory of Kazakhstan by rail amounted to 2.5 million tons (41,000 gondola cars).

November 2018

A large project has been completed to deliver oversized cargo with a total mass of 1,300 tons from the United States, the UAE to Kazakhstan. For this project, 15 cargo airports were involved, such as AN-124-100 Ruslan and Boeing 747


November 2018 Eurotransit Cargo LLP delivered equipment for the construction of a modern gas processing complex at the Kozhasai field in the Aktobe region.
The equipment was shipped by road from China through the Altynkol border crossing, was overloaded at our container terminal Eurotransit KTS and delivered by rail and road to the Kozhasai field. In this project 66 cars 167 units were used. motor transport.


November 2018 

Eurotransit provided transportation of 11 sets of stationary drilling rigs ZJ 40DB from China (Nanan station, Hubei province) to the Russian Federation (Menov station, Orenburg) via the Eurotransit-KTS station st. Altinkol.
Delivery of drilling rigs is organized by a single train from 53 Chinese wagons with transshipment into 56 Kazakhstan wagons.
Thanks to the coordinated work of the Eurotransit team, the delivery time for drilling rigs was 10-12 days.


October 2018 11 drilling rigs were transported for the Rosneft oil company along the PRC-RF route on 550 units of railway rolling stock.

September 27, 2018 On September 27, Аt the border between Kazakhstan and China, the Nur Zholy (RK) - Khorgos (China) checkpoint was opened. The construction of the Nur Zholy customs post was implemented on the principles of a public-private partnership with Eurotransit Terminal LLP. “Today is a historic day for the customs authorities of Kazakhstan. We are opening a new Nur Zholy checkpoint located in the Western Europe - Western China international transit corridor, which is not only the gateway to Kazakhstan, but also to the common Eurasian economic space, ”said A. Tengebaev, Chairman of the State Duma of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan. . The structure of the general layout of the complex provides for the movement of 2.5 thousand vehicles and 15 thousand individuals on a working day in both directions, including freight vehicles - 2,200 units, passenger vehicles (buses and cars) - 300 units. For the first time, Kazakhstani specialists used an automatic logistics management system at a checkpoint, which is integrated with the information system of customs authorities "ASTANA-1." On the border of Kazakhstan and China on September 27, the Nur Zholy (RK) - Khorgos checkpoint (China) was opened ) ". The construction of the Nur Zholy customs post was implemented on the principles of public-private partnership with Eurotransit Terminal LLP." Today is a historic day for the customs authorities of Kazakhstan. We are opening a new Nur Zholy checkpoint located in the Western Europe-West international transit corridor.
August 29, 2018 Director of EUROTRANSIT EB Dikhanbaev gave an explanatory interview to the ITJ (International Transport Journal), about the principles of EUROTRANSIT work in the framework of the state project Path to the Future - Nurly Zhol and One Belt, One Road.
August 15, 2018 An additional area of 10,000 sq.m. was introduced into the explantation complex at the Eurotransit Terminal skad complex The main functions of the enterprise are cargo handling and storage, transport and information services. All warehouses of the complex are high-tech with a front racking system. There is a railway dead end of 500 meters.


May 31, 2018 In Eurotransit Cargo, a new specialized fleet of IVECO brand isothermal semi-trailers was purchased in the amount of 35 units equipped with GPS navigators, which allows to provide the required transportation conditions across the territories of the CIS countries, Europe, China, as well as warranty, safety of goods and low cost.

April 19, 2018 Eurotransit Group took part in the 24th International Exhibition of Transport and Logistic Services Trans Russia -2018 in Moscow. For more than 20 years, the TransRussia exhibition has remained the largest industry platform for a wide range of representatives of the transport and logistics market, who are tasked with optimizing the freight transportation process, and also a tool for finding profitable business partners and service providers. The exhibition was attended by 395 companies from 27 countries. National expositions were presented by companies from Belarus, Germany, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Estonia. For the first time, national expositions of Iran and Mongolia were presented. 
TransRussia exhibition was visited by 16 652 specialists - representatives of manufacturing and trading enterprises, transport and logistics companies.

November 15, 2018 The first container train from Finland to China follows through Kazakhstan 


October 11, 2018 At the Kazakh-Chinese border, a new customs and logistics center “Kalzhat” was launched

October 2016 Eurotransit took part in the 20th anniversary of the Kazakhstan International Exhibition"Transit Kazakhstan"
July 2016 Eurotransit Cargo joined the Association of National Forwarders of the Republic of Kazakhstan
April 2016 Eurotransit took part in the transport exhibition "TransRussia-2016". The exhibition became a general propose platform where Eurotransit presented its stand, telling about its services and capabilities.

28-29, 2015
Eurotransit participated in the Fifth Central Asian Trade Forum “Growth Prospects: Trade, Transport and the Fruit and Vegetable Sector” - the largest international event for companies and exporters. The event is organized by the USAID Regional Economic Cooperation Project.

September 2015 From September 16 to September 18 in the business capital of Kazakhstan - Almaty, in the territory of the specialized exhibition center "Atakent" the International Exhibition "Transit Kazakhtan" was held. Eurotramsit Cargo exhibited its booth in order to attract partners and customers.

Аugust 2015 Eurotransit carried out project logistics for the company Genko transportation of equipment on the route Sula-Shalkar by rail.
Аugust 2014 In a festive atmosphere, Nursultan Nazarbayev launched the launch of new Zhezkazgan-Beineu and Arkalyk-Shubarkol railway lines.
The total length of the Zhezkazgan-Beineu and Arkalyk-Shubarkol railways is more than 1200 km