Eurotransit Terminal




is the Transport and Logistics Center (TLC) with warehouses, administration buildings and roadside service buildings. The Kalzhat TLC consists of the following facilities: a reloading terminal, checkpoints, a temporary storage hangar, an examination area, and temporary storage warehouses.

Building area is - 7 174,83 sq.m.

Coverage area is - 56 831,35 sq.m.

Landscaping area is - 28 961,7 sq.m.


Bekmakhanov's terminal
is located in Almaty city boundary, Bekmakhanov Street, 96/2

Total area 6.5 га.

It includes such facilities as:

Office space 700 sq.m.

Warehouse complex - 20000 sq.m.

Railroad spur of 500 m long.

Container terminal with a capacity of 400 TEU

Gantry crane with lifting capacity - 20 tons

Overloading platform for oversized cargo.


Nurzholy -

cargo and passenger road crossing. There are 7 lanes in each direction (entry / exit) for the cargo vehicle traffic at the checkpoint and it is designed for at least 3 thousand units of freight transport per day. The width of the control traffic lanes for vehicles is 3 meters, for buses - 3.5 meters.

The building area is 12790 sq.m.

The area of coverings is 182202 sq.m.

The area of landscaping is 62877 sq.m.

Bakhty logistics center. The total area is 2000 sq.m. At least 2 lanes in each direction (entry / exit) are provided for the cargo vehicle traffic at the checkpoint and are designed for at least 50 units of freight transport per day.



TSW (Temporary Storage Warehouse)

Total area 15,74 hectares.

Container storage area 6,8 hectares.

Open storage capacity 5120 TEU or 46 trains

Number of railways 6

Useful lane length 850 m.

Capacity of railroad front up to 330 conventional wagons

Possible processing per month more than 18000 TEUs

Gantry cranes of KUNZ - 2company, carrying capacity of 41.0 tons

Placement in the warehouse TSW 1000 TEU


Our advantages:
  • Direct location at the Altynkol station
  • Technological and high-speed cranes of European manufacture
  • Direct overload from "narrow" to "wide" gage line
  • No need for domestic carrier services
  • Operative work performance
  • Minimal time for wagon spotting/picking
  • Qualified staff