EurotransitKTC – Altynkol
About the project

'Eurotransit - KTCAltynkol' company is located on the Kazakh-Chinese border, on the Kazakhstan territory, in the very center of the railway station 'Altynkol'.

The total area is 15.4 hectares which has production facilities located for the reloading of various cargo, such as containers (ISO) of all standard sizes, general cargoes, equipment, special and construction equipment, rolled metal of different assortment, timber cargoes.

The main objective of this project is to provide transshipment services of import and transit cargoes from the PRC to the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Central Asian countries, the customs union countries and further to Europe.

Eurotransit - KTC considers as a terminal with the possibilities of the most operative cargo transshipment with a minimum services cost. This point is achieved due to the correct technological layout, which excludes internal logistics.

The terminal was designed by the German company TransCare, which is based on the world's leading experience in the construction of such terminals.

Eurotransit - KTC is an operating company, whose services are used both by domestic and international companies. The provided service includes various freight operations, such as: wagon and container operations, reloading, terminal handling, and TSW services.

The company's operations include:
  • receiving/sending trains
  • loading cargoes from Chinese wagons to CIS wagons
  • loading cargoes according to options: the container-container, the container-vehicle, wagon- wagon, wagon-container and in the opposite direction
  • loading vehicles of different nomenclature according to options: wagon-wagon, vehicle-wagon, vehicle-container and in the opposite direction
  • forming container trains
  • forming trains with the "container train' status
  • operations, produced in warehouses and a container site: loading, inspection, storage, dispatch of cargoes, etc.
  • loading dangerous cargoes under the "direct option" and the cargo mode with certain temperature regimes
  • weighing cargo packages
On July 30, 2016, Eurotransit-KTC took over and processed the first commercial cargo. It was a container train of 56 conventional units.


Eurotransit-KTC capacity:
  • Container storage capacity is 5120 TEU of one-time accommodation
  • Container handling front is 850 l. m. and consists of 2 technological overload lines which are provided by 2 RTG company cranes manufactured by KUNZ
  • Comprehensive processing of the covered rolling stock consisting of 1 technological line.
  • Terminal for oversized and heavy cargoes
  • Approach railway of 12 km long (narrow and wide gauge)
  • Productivity per day:
  • Containers of TEU 900, 8 trains
    General cargo of 1500 tons with a full cycle (overload, fastening) 25 wagons
    Cargoes in covered wagons of 600 tons or 10 wagons
    Agricultural and special machinery 600 tons or 40 units
    Handling of motor vehicles 4000 tons or 200 units
Availability of Eurotransit-KTC equipment
  • 2 Gantry cranes
  • 5 Forklifts of different carrying capacity
  • 2 sets of technological inventory
Advantages of cooperation with Eurotransit-KTC

Eurotransit-KTC has been designed and built with the aim of increasing the export and transport potential of Kazakhstan in the Eurasian region, developing competencies in global logistics, raising foreign investment, is also an important link in the implementation of the program of the head of state 'Nurzhol - The Way to the Future". The main objective of the project is to provide customers with flexible, prompt and high-quality service for transshipment of transit and import cargo of various nomenclature.

The main advantage of Eurotransit-KTC
  • Operative time for processing trains, cargoes
  • Multi modality
  • Minimum probability of cargo damage or loss
  • Every day information on cargo
  • Cargo handling report photo
  • Ability to form trains, container trains in different directions
  • Highly qualified staff


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