Eurotransit Cargo


Eurotransit Cargo organizes all transportation types: rail, road, air, sea, as well as intermodal. We offer optimal solutions in the delivery of goods: from dangerous, liquid, bulk and heavy to temperature-requiring compliance, from 1 pallets to oversized. EureotransitKargo manages supply chain and optimizes logistics projects, importing, exporting, warehousing and distributing of goods, as well as information support.

Our company provides a full range of freight forwarding services:

  • Full complex of railway services on Euro-Asian transport routes
  • Services associated with rail transportation: warehousing, reloading, payment of railway tariffs, including under the contracts of KZKh, RZD, BCH, KPK
  • Overload of any goods at the transloading terminals between Europe and the CIS, China and Russia, Asian countries
  • Services for supplying loading wagons (universal and specialized rolling stock)
  • Services for goods transportation in insulated wagons (IWT) and in refsections
  • Cargo insurance for leading European companies
  • Execution of veterinary and phytosanitary certificates
  • Transportation of oversized cargo using special rolling stock (railway transporters), documentary support for oversized shipments - execution and approval of oversized cargo transportation sketches, etc.)
  • International cargo transportation in dry, thermo and refrigerated containers on railway platforms.


Мультимодальная перевозка проектного груза (США - Казахстан, 2018 г.)
Транзитная перевозка проектного груза КНР - РК - РФ, 2018 г.
Ж/Д перевозка проектного груза, 2018 г.
Ж/Д перевозка проектного груза, 2018 г.
Мультимодльная перевозка, терминальная обработка
Перевозка проектного груза на месторождение Кожасай (проект УКПГ-40, 2018 г.)